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UF License TagQ. I live in Florida. How do I get the UF Gator Nation specialty plate?
A. You can contact your local tag agency, which is operated by your county tax collector. You can find your nearest agency at: You can also get your UF tag by clicking here! This is an easy way to renew or change your tag online .

Q. How much does the UF plate cost?
A. The plate costs just $25 per year in addition to the regular issue Florida license plate fee when you renew your tag. The plate fee varies for each state.

Q. Can I buy the new Gator Nation plate before I’m required to renew?
A. Yes, you can. There is a “new metal” plate fee of $25 in addition to the registration and specialty plate fees.

Q. Why do I have to pay extra every year?
A. The purpose of specialty license plates is to raise funds for a particular cause, i.e., Florida wildlife, Boy Scouts, education, etc. Florida Statutes require an annual fee for the use of special design plates.

Q. What do the proceeds from the UF license plate benefit?
A. Proceeds benefit scholarships and numerous academic programs at the University of Florida.

Q. What is my normal registration cost?
A. The base cost for registering a personal vehicle in Florida depends on vehicle type and weight, or trailer weights (call your tax collector to confirm the fee).

Q. Can I personalize my tag?
A. Yes, with up to 5 characters. You must check with your county license plate agency to reserve a unique set of characters. The extra fee is $15.00 if the old license plate tag is surrendered in Florida. The personalization and fee varies for each state. Spaces count as characters!

Q. I don’t live in Florida. Does my state or country have a UF tag available?
A. Currently, we are aware of UF license plates in six other states.



North Carolina:




- Each of these states has different requirements, so it’s best to contact your local tag agency/motor vehicles department for details -



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